New Common RJ45 Adapter for MIXO Series

The new MIXO RJ45 adapter (CX-01-J8UM) module is intended for a range of RJ45 patch cords and help save assembly time.

mixo universal rj45 adapter

The Mencom modular insert collection (MIXO) was intended to permit various varieties of connections housed in a one traditional rectangular enclosure. Since every single insert is developed to suit and lock into a frame that ranges in dimension from 1 module to 12 modules in a single enclosure, the doable mixtures are plenty of. Each and every enclosure can residence sign, electric power, facts, and pneumatic contacts for the conduction of compressed air with stress values of up to 8 bars. Between them, data transmission is 1 of the main drivers of industrial digitization.

ILME has various kinds of MIXO RJ45 adapters to satisfy the needs of industrial info transmission. The new MIXO RJ45 adapter (CX-01-J8UM) module is developed to accommodate a wide range of RJ45 patch cords and dramatically lessen the assembly time at the manufacturing web-site. The new RJ45 adapter is for equipped any RJ45 cord plugs with the greatest dimension, 34 mm (L) x 13.5 mm (W) x 9.5 mm (H). Finish users can merely area the patch cord into the adapter and safe it by the insulating latch: Simply click and Take care of.

The MIXO Common RJ45 Adapter is particularly resistant to mechanical stresses (vibrations, shock, and cable loads) and corrosions (gasoline-limited) to present secure and secure connections.  They are UL 94-V0 accredited and crafted-in self-extinguishing thermoplastic material bolstered with glass fiber.  The MIXO series frames can be employed in housings ranging from, common classic, to intense environments, higher temperature, IP68, and much more.

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