New 1 3/8” PMIN Power Collection Area Wireable Connectors

Mencom introduces new 1 3/8” PMIN ability sequence industry wireable connectors.

mencom pmin field wireables

For providing versatility, versatility, and the best possible conductivity, Mencom gives our new 1 3/8” PMIN Power Series Discipline Wireable Circular Connectors.

Mencom ability sequence presents a price tag-helpful and time-successful plug-and-perform solution for your industrial motor, machine, and electric power distribution purposes. The versatility of the new 1 3/8” PMIN field wireable connectors present a quick-disconnect solution for easy installation and maintenance of equipment. 

Mencom’s new industry wireable connectors are UL stated and supply IP69 defense. They are accessible in 3-pole and 4-pole with straight and suitable-angle orientations. Mencom is the industry’s initially electrical connector producer to style and deliver a appropriate-angled variation of the 1 3/8″ discipline wireable connector. The ideal-angle profile is reduced than the normal bend radius essential to mount a straight cable, furnishing a major advantage when set up area is minimal.  Also, it removes unwanted cable strain triggered by bending cables to match in limited spaces.

The Mencom PMIN Electrical power collection is completely modular, which usually means the user can mix and match assorted components on the set up. This decreases installation time and the have to have for specialised resources or labor that is normally applied for common conduit or raceway installations. The consequence is more quickly, less difficult, and much more responsible than hardwiring, and gives appealing total charge price savings for the set up.

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